The Dream… or Nightmare… come true

I’ve been a long time lover of Halloween.  Who isn’t?  What with the delightful costumes, free candy, and the screams just waiting to be stolen from young and old alike.

Though I’ve loved Halloween, I hadn’t had many chances to do much scarin’.  But then, 2013 came around. I partnered with a local friend who had a long running yard display and we turned it into a haunt!  What’s the difference, you might ask? Instead of having a bunch of props sitting around for people to wander through, I devised a plan scare the pants off of anyone that came through.  The result was dropped candy (and even a dropped costume piece) that sit on my desk as a trophy.  Well, not the candy.  That was devoured to fuel our night’s festivities. That’s what I did locally.

But on the awesome forums at I came across someone asking for videos to put on their wall. Something creepy. Something with bugs. Something I could do.

After getting compliments on the first video, I realized that I can help others haunt all over the country, if not the world.

So here we are. At the raggedy edge of the Internet. Let me help you get your trophies.

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